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Our Technology

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, search and Machine Learning technologies

Machine Reading Comprehension [MRC]

Gather information from text

Machine Reading Comprehension is the ability for computers to read and understand unstructured text and then answer questions about it.

Natural Language Understanding [NLU]

From meaning to actionable data

Natural Language Understanding breaks inputs made in the form of sentences into a structured ontology that goes beyond understanding words.

Semantic Search

Understand context and meaning

Understand the user's intent instead of keyword matching alone. Topics and concepts can be linked and related information can be suggested.

Deep Learning

Machines find patterns from big data

Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning where artificial neural networks, algorithms inspired by the human brain, learn from large amounts of data to perform complex tasks based on patterns.


Multiple ways to ask

Paraphrasing allows search results to include, not directly returned using words in the query. It recognises that there may be multiple ways to ask a question, that all refer to the same answer.

Question Answering [QA]

Direct answer to questions

Question and Answering (QA) uses a combination of language manipulation and search techniques to offer a direct answer to questions posed by humans in a natural language. It can address either Closed Domain (topic-specific) questions.

Information Retrieval

Keyword-based Search Engine

Information Retrieval allows for data, in various forms, to be organised for easy access and indexed for quick retrieval. Search decides what content, and in what form you see whenever you enter a query.

Natural Language Processing [NLP]

Human wording to machine language

Natural Language Processing enables human-computer interaction by extracting key data to infer meaning and purpose.

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