Standard Specification Comparison

Automatically compare client specification documents with your standard specification to evaluate project feasibility and respond to clients faster.

About Shipbuilder

This company designs and builds offshore platforms and ships to a custom specification using hundreds of different components from a large vendor list in order to meet specific requests from clients.

The Challenge

Incoming client Requests for Proposals (RFP) require review by multiple internal teams to confirm project feasibility. This process usually takes days for a dedicated team to review and answer.

Our Solution

42Maru automatically determines whether the project is viable and which aspects require manual review based on the mismatches. By using advanced search techniques, it can understand different ways of expressing the same conditions in different uses of language.

Download Case
Standard Specification Comparison [PDF] [943.8 KB]

Time Reduction

Reduce time spent reviewing documents and projects with a higher accuracy

No Deviations

Eliminate deviations, flagging issues early for higher customer satisfaction

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