Legal Information

42Maru, Inc.

1925 Nambusunhwan-ro Floor 6, 8 Gwanak-gu 08801 Korea

Privacy Policy

Your personal data is kept safe.

  • Hubspot CRM: Your data is kept in a centralized web based CRM based in Europe that has implemented high security measures in accordance with best industry practices and EU regulation such as the GDPR.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to improve your experience on the website. At the moment we have implemented:

  • Google Analytics and Naver Analytics
      • Track user behaviour such as time on page and pages seen. These tools are anonymous and provide aggregated information. They allow us to see what content is most interesting and useful to visitors.
  • Google Tag Manager
      • Tracks behaviour on page and adds interaction information to Google Analytics such as downloads on a page, or clicks on a button.
  • HotJar
      • We use heat maps provided by HotJar to improve on usability in the website. By seeing the areas that are interesting or lead to confusion we can improve on visitor experience, usability and A/B test new ideas. Your personal information is kept private via an ID code.
  • 42Maru Chatbot
      • Our AI-based chatbot is being trained on user queries and Natural Language. It saves a cookie so it remembers the user and picks up the conversation where it was left off.
  • Hubspot
      • A functionality that is part of our CRM and alerts us when current leads and customers who have already submitted their personal details visit us again. This allows us to personalize our sales proposals to a better fit.

We can change this setup over time. If you would like to be notified of changes or would like to discuss your data protection please contact us.

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