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Natural Language Understanding Support Tools


AI-based chatbots that automatically answer questions posed by humans in natural language allowing users to interact with computers more comfortably with less frustrations and more accurate answers.


From a given question answer pair, the system generates variants for each question automatically by applying Paraphrasing. Using Natural Language Understanding [NLU] the system tries to deduce what questions mean, regardless of the way they are expressed and within a logical context making the AI-based chatbot not only smarter than scenario based chatbots but also offers higher interaction rates due to less user frustration.

Using a cognitive engine connected to a knowledge base allows for updated and correct information even if questions have not been programmed before and automated actions can be linked to certain questions.

Customer Support Steps

Use Cases

Help visitors at any time of day to learn about your product offering by answering their typical questions and reduce the workload for your sales teams.

External service centers and customer support teams benefit by implementing a question answer chatbot that has updated policy.

In e-commerce platforms they can guide customers through smart concierge services and offer the next steps to guide towards purchase.

AI Assistant for Contact Centers

Integrates communication flows and learns about your customers

AI for Large Enterprises
Knowledge Management through Cognitive Search
KT Speaker
AI for Smart Devices
Question Answer Interactions with high accuracy