AI Assistant for Contact Centers

Integrates communication flows and learns about your customers

The difficulty of interactions

“Once someone requests support, the customer experience can quickly deteriorate if the company does not identify the interaction as a request for service and provide an immediate response.”

- Peter Samuel, CEO of Everest Group [Forbes, July 29th 2020]

  • Slow feedback
  • Multiple answers
  • Misunderstanding the customer needs
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Supporting the customer journey

AI systems can process multiple data to understand where the customer needs support and by analyzing similar patterns can predict their needs and next steps.

  • Immediate feedback with a single correct answer
  • Intent Analysis
  • Learn on each interaction
  • Scale up quickly to help during incidences or promotions
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Why 42Maru AI Assistants?


80% of users assisted

4 out 5 users were handled automatically by our AI Assistant.

Benefits: 20x more than one

x20 more productivity

Our AI Assistants answered 20 times more inquiries including emails, chat and phone calls than their human counterpart.

Benefits :Days to minutes

Days to minutes

Reduced the average response time for complex emails from days to minutes for an engineering company.

A Question Answer Engine

That understands Natural Language and serves as the first layer of communications.

Amaze your customers

  • Allowing users to continue the conversation through their phone (via SMS/iMessage, WhatsApp, others)
  • Allowing your team and support center to follow up on all interactions without asking the same questions over and over again.

Empower your team

  • Connectors to CRM for insights into customers
  • Informing of products that customer asked about or pages viewed
  • Suggesting common follow up phrases considering user interactions
  • Showing key phrases related to the current topic from historic log
Communication flows


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And let's start working on automating your customer's experience with an AI Assistant