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AI-based QA(Question Answering) solution


AI-based QA(Question Answering) solution

Through advanced AI technologies such as MRC(Machine Reading Comprehension) and Paraphrasing, we are structuring the vast amount of structured & unstructured documents scattered within the company to provide a single specific answer by semantically understanding the question.

Applying the power of Question Answering we can create knowledge repositories based on historic and captured data.

Solutions based on recommendation and prediction/forecasting could also be achieved using different sets of our technology for personalized experiences.

Cognitive Search Engine

From big data to cognitive. An insight engine specialized in semantic comprehension.

Specifications Matching

Customization through comparison. Requests are matched with given standards.

Document Comprehension

Generate a list of accepted terms and exceptions. Move the business forward by focusing on disparities.

Process Automation

Turn rich indexes into automated processes. Reduce repetitive workload using historical data.

Faster processes with AI

We're making companies react faster by applying AI to their business processes.

Together we can harness the power of automation inside your company

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