Specifications Matching

Customization through comparison. Requests are matched with given standards.


A process that turns cumbersome questions and answers into short reviews of only mismatches.


Customization and personalization can be achieved by matching specific requirements to a varied assortment of components to form product standards based on codes. Through deep learning, paraphrasing and text comprehension the solution can interpret the documentation your company already has.

By comparing new requests sent from customers to current standards, and even past projects, it matches their specifications using a system that understands the way they express themselves and learns new ways along time.

Specification Matching Steps

Use Cases

This technology can be applied to find company fit in Public Tendering and Institutional Projects in a matter of minutes.

Engineering projects with Requests for Proposals such as heavy machinery productions, shipyards and aerospace can match their specific requirements to their standards and negotiate only over divergences with owners.

Manufacturing purchase departments can review product specifications from a suppliers catalogue and compare it to company standard requirements to filter by fit and choose from a larger pool of partners.

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