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Conversational AI Chatbot

Conversational AI chatbots are applied with language intelligence technologies such as NLU(Natural Language Understanding), CM(Context Management), and DM(Dialogue Management), providing a natural conversation experience like talking with a human. Various models such as FAQ, NLU, and Deep QA-based chatbots can be configured to customers’ needs for customer support or help desk.

Customer Support Steps

Use Cases

Help visitors at any time of day to learn about your product offering by answering their typical questions and reduce the workload for your sales teams.

External service centers and customer support teams benefit by implementing a question answer chatbot that has updated policy.

In e-commerce platforms they can guide customers through smart concierge services and offer the next steps to guide towards purchase.

AI Assistant for Contact Centers

Integrates communication flows and learns about your customers

AI-based QA(Question Answering) solution
KT Speaker
Natural Language Processing technology