42Maru in European Chatbot Events 2019

42Maru, Participated ‘Chatbot Summit’ in Germany and ‘AI UK Conference’

Dec. 19, 2019, 10 a.m.

QA (Question Answering) AI startup 42Maru (CEO Kim Dong-hwan) mentioned that 42Maru is making an effort to tap into the European market by participating in the chatbot summit in Berlin, Germany from the 10th of December and the AI ​​UK conference held at the Dongdaemoon Digital Plaza (DDP) in Seoul on the 12th.

The Chatbot Summit is a global chatbot exhibition and conference held in Berlin, Germany. Over 6000 participants from overall industries participate, and was held from the 10th of December to the 13th of December this year. 42Maru presented a chatbot solution based on the ‘Deep Semantic Question Answering Platform’ developed in-house at this event.

42Maru's Deep Semantic QA platform is a technology that accurately understands user queries and provides a single correct answer. Chatbots using the Deep Semantic QA platform can accurately understand and respond to user intent. It can dramatically improve the user experience of existing chatbots that make users feel frustrated.

42Maru also participated in the AI ​​UK conference held at DDP on the 12th. The AI ​​UK conference is an event in which the British Embassy and the UK International Trade Department participate as partners to share the current state of the UK AI technology and industry and to explore UK business and investment opportunities.

42Maru established UK branch this year and participated in this event as a representative artificial intelligence company operating simultaneously in Korea and the UK.

“42Maru concludes its overseas networking schedule this year at the AI ​​UK conference with the Berlin chatbot summit in Germany,” said Dong-Hwan Kim. “This year, we established UK branch and collaborated with German companies. And we are planning to make efforts to make full-fledged inroads into overseas markets next