42Maru participating at Zero-one day 2019

Unveils Artificial Intelligence conversation technology at Zero-one day

Sept. 27, 2019, 9 a.m.

42Maru is participating in ‘ZERO1NE DAY 2019’ to be held in Yongsan-gu Seoul from 26th to 28th of September, and will unveil Conversational Artificial Intelligence technology for the automotive industry.

ZERO1NE DAY 2019 is the second event held by Hyundai Motor Group since last year. It is a festival that holds exhibitions, conferences, shows and more. Assistants are startups, conglomerate companies, artists, developers, and etc. In particular, at this event, senior vice president of Hyundai Motor Group Jung Eu-Seon, and Mister of SMEs and Startups Park Young Sun attended and checked technical startups which are innovating the automotive industry.

At this event, 42Maru unveiled the artificial intelligence conversational technology applied to automobile cases through an exhibition stand and a conference. At the conference on the 26th of September, D.K. Kim, CEO of 42Maru, summarized the current state of artificial intelligence technology applied to automobiles with the theme of “how to communicate between people and cars” and introduced artificial intelligence technology and use cases applied to vehicles.

42Maru developed conversational AI for AI speakers applying technology that accurately understands the intention of a user’s question and delivers a single correct answer. Currently 42Maru is working on the project for applying conversational AI in the automobile with Kia Motors.

At this event, 42Maru also released a demo version of a project underway with Kia Motors. It is a service that provide answers through AI speaker when the driver asks a question about a car by voice while driving. This service will be utilized in English speaking countries for responding to the driver while driving a vehicle.

42Maru is an artificial intelligence startup that develops and services “Deep Semantic QA Platform”. “Deep semantic QA platform” is a technology that accurately understands the intention of a user’s question and delivers a single correct answer from a massive unstructured data set. This includes technologies such as deep learning-based “NLU (Natural Language Understanding) Engine”, “Paraphrasing Engine” to detect and expand analogous expressions, and global top standard of the “MRC (Machine Reading Comprehension) Engine”. Recently, it has been expanding its application range of Deep Semantic QA platforms to telecommunication, shipbuilding, automobile and finance.