General Income Tax Consultation AI Chatbot

AI-based chatbot offers tax consultation service

May 13, 2020, 3 p.m.

  • AI-based General income tax consultation chatbot service based on official data from the National Tax Service
  • Provides experience similar to face-to-face consulting for self-employed and small business owners who are having a difficult time due to Covid19

QA (Question Answering) AI startup 42Maru has announced that it will provide an AI chatbot service that can assist to file a general income tax.

In addition to the year-end tax adjustment, the general income tax proceeds for a month from May 1 to June 1, which is a typical income reporting and income tax adjustment/payment process, includes 'labor', 'business', 'pension', 'dividends', 'interest', and 'other income' which occurred during the past year. However, related tax laws are complex and difficult which require specialized tax knowledge, and due to the annually updated tax laws, taxpayers are spending a lot of time exploring information during the reporting period.

In particular, this year, the government recommended non-face-to-face attention to prevent the spread of covid19, and in special circumstances, such as the increased tax burden on self-employed business owners and small business owners who suffered direct and indirect economic damage the need for providing services that can replace face-to-face counseling is increasing significantly.

42Maru is an artificial intelligence startup that develops and services a deep semantic QA (Question Answering) platform that understands the true intention of a question and delivers a single correct answer from massive unstructured data.

The AI ​​chatbot service provided by 42Maru is an artificial intelligence QA (Question-Answering) chatbot built to help self-employed and small business owners easily understand complex general income tax based on official data from the National Tax Service.

Pursuing efficiency via automatically collect information based on accurate IRS information, and by providing daily interactive interaction service, it provides a similar experience to face-to-face consulting. Anyone can access the following link to use the AI ​​chatbot service, and there is no additional cost. (

D.K. Donghwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru said “I hope through this chatbot service helps quickly and easily check the difficult tax law information for the self-employed and small business owners who are suffering most directly from the Coronavirus crisis. Also, in the future, 42Maru will build several platforms where people can quickly and accurately obtain information anytime, anywhere, by distributing 42Maru’s artificial intelligence-based smart technologies.”