Employee Support AI-Based Chatbot

A chatbot to share internal information with your teams. All they need to do is ask.

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About SK Innovation (SK Innovation Co)

SK innovation is Korea's first and largest energy∙chemical company, currently employing over 6500 people across 6 business divisions. As one of Korea’s most coveted workplaces, recruitment teams regularly deal with huge volumes of inbound applicant questions regarding the hiring process. http://www.skinnovation.com

The Challenge

Prior to using 42Maru, recruitment teams would manually reply to candidates through phone, instant chat and email, all causing an organisational headache and drain on time.


42Maru’s HR and Recruitment chatbot automatically answers inbound candidate questions, including general and role-specific information. Trained on previously asked questions, this project lasted 5 weeks, from preparing the datasets to launching the service and now operates company-wide to assist recruiters.

Download Case
Internal AI Based Chatbot [PDF] [793.0 KB]

Customised for the purpose and question-answer dataset required

Customised for the purpose and question-answer dataset required

Self Educate

Candidates have a fast and clear interaction with sources to self-educate

Smart Device Voice Assistants
AI-enabled Voice Assistant for smart devices, to understand and answer user questions in natural language