Smart Device Voice Assistants

AI-enabled Voice Assistant for smart devices, to understand and answer user questions in natural language

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About Korea Telecom (Korea Telecom Corporation)

KT is Korea’s first and largest telecommunications network provider, offering a range of innovative consumer products including smart devices and wearables alongside commercial services.

KT is the market leader in smart speakers in Korea and required the capability to answer questions using public information for their users. This included general information about people, places and facts that could be found on open datasets including Wikipedia.

Our Solution

The KT Gigagenie smart speaker was equipped with 42Maru’s QA capabilities by first sourcing the open datasets and creating a structured knowledge base to create answers from. After preparing the datasets, 42Maru’s engine was trained on the general knowledge within each wikipedia page and adapted to answer, regardless of how the question is asked.

Download Case
Smart Device Voice Assistants [PDF] [860.1 KB]

Different Datasets

Providers can specify new datasets to include in the service

Smart Speakers

>40% of smart speakers in Korea use our technology

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