Cognitive Search Engine

From big data to cognitive. An insight engine specialized in semantic comprehension.


Cognitive Search for your organization with Machine Reading Comprehension [MRC], Natural Language Processing [NLP] and paraphrasing to understand words used in different contexts and offer more accurate results to each query.


Using the power of MRC and paraphrasing to understand the context and offer results with higher accuracy, a cognitive search engine is able to offer a single correct result.

Cognitive Search tools are also known as Insight Engines (Gartner 2018) since they can apply relevancy methods to analyze and organize data, enabling richer indexes that can attend more complex queries.

The synthesized information from these indexes can also be delivered proactively to create automated processes or interactively for users to digest.

These indexes can be fully managed with security limitations and data sources can be selected or chosen based on user or department privileges.

Document Ingest Steps

Use Cases

For R&D departments they can search through patents, internal documentation and industry reports to see what existing technologies can match with new product concepts.

For innovation departments in Electronic Manufacturing, they can search for information in suppliers catalogues, competitor reports.

In the pharmaceutical industry, they search through research papers, patents and internal documentation to apply existing knowledge and reduce time to market.

Specifications Matching
Customization through comparison. Requests are matched with given standards.