Process Automation

Turn rich indexes into automated processes. Reduce repetitive workload using historical data.


Automation technology based on rich indexes obtained through artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive tools. They use the large amounts of data collected in your company as training data to shape the right decisions thanks to Deep Learning and probability-based cognitive engines that improve along with use.


The semantic understanding of unstructured big data can reduce manual labor and handle unknown scenarios. Through natural language understanding, they can interpret, trigger responses and communicate with other systems in order to perform a variety of tasks.

Automatic Answers Steps

Use Cases

Automatic answering for customers inquiries based on a knowledge database that is updated by collecting data from documentation.

In complex engineering projects it can assign a question automatically to a department based on specialism so the right person provides an accurate answer.

Document Comprehension
Generate a list of accepted terms and exceptions. Move the business forward by focusing on disparities.