A collaboration between 42Maru and Cuckoo electronics

Improves employee convenience via a chatbot an easier year-end tax settlement.

Jan. 30, 2020, 1 a.m.

The collaboration between 42Maru and Cuckoo Electronics improves employee satisfaction by introducing a chatbot for convenient and easy year-end tax settlement.

  • Introduced for the '2020 Year-end Tax Settlement Q & A Service', applied to KOO Electronics, which uses the artificial intelligence chatbot.
  • The AI chatbot. After fully understanding the year-end settlement related questions, accurate answer guidance, easy and quick year-end settlement help can be easily provided.


Artificial Intelligence startup, 42Maru, has partnered with Cuckoo Electronics, a general health and consumer electronics company, for easy and convenient year-end calculations for the filing of taxes.

42Maru provides a '2020 Year-end Settlement Q & A Service' using artificial intelligence chatbots to Cuckoo, to easily and conveniently handle the difficult year-end settlement received by the employees of Cuckoo.

Unlike traditional chatbots that provide answers to simple questions, the Semantic Question-Answering (QA) platform possessed by 42Maru fully understands the user's queries and accurately answers them from unstructured data. For swift search, innovative artificial intelligence technology is applied to read long texts and infer the context of texts to answer complex questions.

The new year-end settlement chatbot that Cuckoo introduced for the convenience of employees also applies 42Maru's deep semantic QA platform, and the artificial intelligence technology installed in the chatbot for the most appropriate inquiries of employees based on the IRS 'year-end settlement information. This has helped to deal with the year-end settlement-related tasks quickly and easily by providing accurate deduction information.

In particular, 42Maru's unique technology, which accurately and promptly handles the same contents in different expressions, serves as an important core role of a smart year-end settlement chatbot.

An official from Cuckoo who used the year-end settlement chatbot said, “When the year-end settlement period was reached, there was a problem, in that overall work efficiency was reduced by the expenditure of a lot of time not only for general employees but also for the personnel team that guides the year-end settlement information.” Employees could easily and quickly settle at the end of the year, and the human resources team had the effect of improving the work efficiency.”