42Maru at CES 2020

42Maru to showcase Artificial Intelligence Conversation at CES 2020.

Dec. 26, 2019, 9:30 a.m.

QA(Question Answering) artificial intelligence startup 42Maru (CEO D.K. Donghwan Kim ) announced that it will participate in ‘CES2020’ which is to be held in Las Vegas, January 2020. 42Maru booth will be installed at Tech West Eureka Park’s Korean pavilion.

42Maru will introduce the Deep Semantic QA Platform, which provides artificial intelligence for dialogue to robots and home devices. Conversation artificial intelligence is a key technology that is essential to the development of robots, which also is a major trend in CES. Conversation artificial intelligence determines product completeness, especially in retail, care, and education robots where communication is important.

42Maru’s Deep Semantic QA platform is a technology that understands the true intention of a question and delivers a single correct answer. It accurately identifies the user's intentions and provides the most appropriate answer, making natural conversation possible. Recently, it has been recognized for its technical skills by being selected by Samsung Electronics’ C Lab Outside.

Deep Semantic QA platform was applied to Softbank’s artificial intelligence robot "Pepper," proving its excellence in conversation artificial intelligence technology. Recently SK Innovation applied 42Maru’s Deep Semantic QA platform and established chatbot for consulting applicants for new employees. In addition, KIA Motors has also been increasingly applying 42Maru’s conversational artificial intelligence, using the Deep Semantic QA platform to develop an artificial intelligence-based test drive assistant service.

"Robots and smart speakers are the most notable products in CES, but their user satisfaction sometimes falls due to low response performance," said CEO D.K. Donghwan Kim of 42Maru.

"42Maru will grab the attention of CES with AI, a conversation with Deep Semantic QA platform that boasts one of the highest response rates in the world."