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Create interactive voice experiences to educate and personalise content to share with your customers

About Car Manufacturer

A large vehicle manufacturer with sales of around 3 million vehicles annually and activities in 172 countries. These vehicles are sold and serviced through a network of more than 3,000 distributors and dealers.


As part of the sales experience a BRAND employee accompanies the customer, to answer a wide range of product and technical questions while navigating the intended test drive route.

Our Solution

42Maru’s Question Answering engine with Voice Interactivity replaced the human test drive assistant with a smart audio/visual device, that guides the driver on the given test drive route, while answering any questions the customer may want to ask.

Download Case
Voice AI Customer Experiences [PDF] [1.2 MB]

One Passenger Test Drive

Unmanned test drives are more comfortable, bringing customers closer to the experience of ownership

Customer Preferences

Sales and Customer Support teams are provided with customer preferences and interests based on their interaction

Automatic Customer Answers
Automatically answer inbound customer questions based on your previous interactions.
Smart Device Voice Assistants
AI-enabled Voice Assistant for smart devices, to understand and answer user questions in natural language