Award from Ministry of SME

42Maru receives an award from the Minister of SMEs and Venture

Dec. 24, 2019, noon

QA (Question Answering) AI startup 42Maru announced that it won the Small and Medium Business Venture Award at the 2019 Venture Business Promotion Award at L Tower, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

The Venture Business Promotion Award is a government award sponsored by the SME and Startups Ministry to discover and encourage high performing ventures and start-ups that are at the forefront of innovation growth.

42Maru received the Commendation from the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Entrepreneurship category. This award is a recognition of 42Maru’s technology and constant job creation.

42Maru displayed some of their technological capabilities when developing natural language processing and QA (question-and-answer) technology based on deep learning techniques and taking first place in the global competition for Squad 2.0.

In recognition of these achievements, we received the Minister of Science, ICT and Communication Award in 2018 and the Technology Innovation Grand Prize at the 2018/2019 Korea Best Enterprise Award, and the era of hyper-connected intelligence from the Korea Information Technology Agency (NIA) D (Data) N (Network) A (AI ) Was selected as an innovative company in the field. In addition, 42Maru has been selected as a youth-friendly small business by the Ministry of Employment and Labor by creating stable sales based on its innovative technology and providing quality jobs including various welfare benefits to its employees.

“In our country, competent talent possesses world-class technology, but technology companies rarely perform well in the global market,” said D.K. Kim. "We will not only be a start-up company, we will pioneer the path of a technology company that plays an active part on the world stage with outstanding talents."