42Maru at Shinhan Futures Lab

42Maru unveils finance and AI collaboration model at Shinhan Futures Lab

Nov. 15, 2019, noon

QA (Question-Answer) Artificial Intelligence startup 42Maru announced on the 14th of November that it will participate in the Shinhan Futures Lab Demo day.

Shinhan Futures Lab is a program operated by Shinhan Financial Group for the purpose of contributing to the creation of a startup ecosystem and deliver innovative technology and ideas of companies to financial consumers.

This demo day is a place where startups selected in the 5th of Shinhan Futures Lab in April will present their achievements. 42Maru is selected as the 5th Shinhan Futures Lab as a promising AI Startup company. For the past 7 months, 42Maru has working with Shinhan Financial Group’s affiliates such as Shinhan Bank, Shinhan Life Insurance, Shinhan DS and etc. to find ways to integrate artificial intelligence into finance.

In particular, cooperation is being discussed to apply ‘Deep Semantic QA Platform’ in Call center/internal Business Intelligence, in-house help desk chatbot, AI-based customer chatbot, interactive conversational concierges, personalized news curation and etc.

At the event, D.K. Dong-hwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru will pitch a demo day based on his achievements. Also 42Maru will operate exhibition booth to introduce AI-based customer chatbot that specializes in bank or insurance area and interactive conversational AI service. In addition, a recruitment booth operation and on-site recruitment interviews also simultaneously progress to secure talented people.

“Shinhan Futures Lab provided an opportunity to demonstrate 42Maru’s language intelligence technology to Fintech and Insurtech. And with the opportunity of Shinhan Futures Lab, we plan to expand into the financial markets including Korea to Europe and Southeast Asia,” said Dong-hwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru.

42Maru is applying the ‘Deep Semantic QA Platform’ to various industries such as finance, automotive, telecommunications, shipbuilding and etc. Recently SK innovation implemented Recruitment chatbot based on the ‘Deep Semantic QA platform’. In addition, in cooperation with Kia Motors, 42maru is developing an AI-based test drive assistant chatbot in the English version. Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering is also pursuing a follow-up project following the first Smart Search project and Specification Comparison KMS projects.