42Maru selected for incubating program: “KB Starters”

KB Starters discovers and nurtures startups for KB Financial Group's Fintech Lab

April 4, 2020, noon

QA (Question-Answer) Artificial Intelligence startup 42Maru (CEO Kim Dong-hwan) announced on the 30th of March that it has signed an agreement with KB Financial Group's startup incubating program, “KB Starters”.

KB Financial Group's Fintech Lab, KB Innovation Hub's 'KB Starters' program intensively discovers and nurtures qualified startups that have been verified in the market through a recommendation method among excellent startups.

The selected KB Starters will assist in real growth through partnerships with KB Financial Group and investment, consulting and advice on legal, accounting, patent, and overseas expansion through HUB Partners. Also, the program offers Hub center space that is located in Gangnam, if the company wants to use it.

42Maru is an artificial intelligence startup that develops and services the “Deep Semantic QA Platform”. “Deep semantic QA platform” is a technology that accurately understands the intention of a user’s question and delivers a single correct answer from a massive unstructured data set. It is advanced technology than existing search technology that delivers a list of answers. Using the “Deep Semantic QA Platform” based on Natural Language Understanding, 42Maru will discuss providing innovative financial service development with KB Financial Group’s subsidiaries.

Starting with the selection of “Shinhan Futures Lab 5th” by Shinhan Financial Group in April of last year, in September, it was selected as “FIUM Lab” of DGB Financial Group, the first fintech incubating platform as a regional financial holding company. Afterward, 42Maru participated in the Shinhan Futures Lab Demo Day in November and introduced AI technology specialized in the financial and insurance industries.

42Maru is also in progress in collaboration in areas such as BI (business intelligence) and in-house help desk chatbots for internal employees, planning to apply the ‘Deep Semantic QA Platform’ technology in AI-based chatbots for clients and interactive conversational concierges and personalized news curation.

“In addition to the existing business intelligence and chatbots, we will do our best to integrate innovative artificial intelligence technology into the contact center and the TA (Text Analytics) area, and based on this, we plan to pioneer the fintech market based on big data analysis in Europe and Southeast Asia including UK and Singapore,” said Donghwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru.