MOU with Singapore Intage

42Maru Signs MOU Agreement with Singapore Consulting Company Intage

Oct. 7, 2019, 2 p.m.

QA (Question Answering) artificial intelligence startup 42Maru (CEO D.K. Donghwan Kim) made an announcement that it signed a memorandum of understanding with consulting firm Intage to expand its artificial intelligence business in South East Asia at Intage Singapore Office, on Oct. 4th. With this agreement, Intage will provide data analysis and consulting to 42Maru on the South East Asia market and Singapore in order to effectively enter the market.

42Maru develops and services “Deep Semantic QA Platform”. “Deep Semantic QA platform” is a technology that semantically understands the intention of a user’s question and delivers a single correct answer from a large unstructured data set. 42Maru is currently developing an artificial intelligence service for unmanned test drive service in Singapore. 42Maru is planning to develop products to tap into markets in Singapore and South East Asia.

Intage is a company specialized in consumer panel research and retail research, marketing and consulting. Under the agreement, Intage will provide consulting services such as data and analysis for the South East Asian market.

D.K. Donghwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru said "Singapore and South East Asia are markets that must be targeted to expand our global businesses, we have established a strong foothold for the company by collaborating with Intage which has a high level of understanding on the market. 42Maru will spur the start of Singapore and South East Asia together along with Intage, starting with an ongoing car-related project in Singapore.”

Noriaki Ishizuka, President and Representative Director of Intage Holdings, said "Intage's understanding and analysis of the market will provide an opportunity for 42Maru to settle in the market more quickly, with 42Maru's success, the marketing and consulting capabilities of Intage will be confirmed once again."