Startup intellectual property voucher

42Maru is selected as a 'startup intellectual property voucher' project

April 20, 2020, noon

42Maru, selected as a 'startup intellectual property voucher' project

  • Selected as 'Startup Intellectual Property Voucher' for 3 consecutive years from 2018 and 2019 to 2020
  • Eight domestic and foreign patent applications were filed with the support of the business, and a total of 21 patent applications and registrations were filed.

QA (Question Answering) AI startup 42Maru’s, CEO D.K. Kim Dong-hwan announced that it has been selected for the “Startup Intellectual Property Voucher” project hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office for three consecutive years.

The “Startup Intellectual Property Voucher” project hosted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office is a program that supports startups with high growth potential based on technology and intellectual property (IP). Intellectual property vouchers are a system that can be used like cash when using IP-related services such as domestic and overseas IP (patent, utility model, trademark, design) rights, patent research and analysis, patent technology value evaluation, and technology transfer (licensing) relay to be.

Beginning with the first support project in 2018, the third round is in progress this year, and it is selected through strict standards with a total of 5 items and 9 indicators. Issued by dividing into a 'small voucher (5 million won)' for initial startups without IP and a 'medium A (10 million won) / medium B (17 million won) voucher' for growth and promising startups

42Maru is an artificial intelligence startup that develops and services a deep semantic QA platform that accurately understands the user's intentions and derives only one 'right answer' from vast unstructured data. As a next-generation search technology that has been developed one generation more than the current technology, it applied for accumulated technology and know-how through continuous research and development on related core technologies as domestic and foreign patents.

Starting with the selection of a small voucher at the time of the first support project in 2018, it was selected as a mid-size B voucher in 2019, followed by a mid-size B voucher in 2019. Through this support project, 4 domestic patents and 4 overseas patents (3 in the US and 1 in Europe) have been filed, and a total of 21 patents have been filed or registered as a whole.

“42Maru was selected for the third consecutive year from 2018 to this year in support projects sponsored by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, in recognition of all of its technology, potential for securing intellectual property, marketability, and capabilities of its founders and companies,” said Dong-Hwan Kim. The company will pursue challenging tasks such as developing new technologies or dramatically improving existing technologies through continuous research on core technologies and will spare no effort to protect intellectual property rights at home and abroad for these innovative technologies. ”

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Introduction to startup intellectual property voucher business

  • Business overview

When a voucher is issued to a startup in order to improve the startup's patent competitiveness, the startup freely selects the necessary services and institutions from the IP service menu and the institutions registered in the pool, and pays the voucher.

  • Target

A company that has dramatically improved existing products / services / processes or developed new products / services / processes through technology and IP-based startups that pursue challenging tasks related to the 4th industrial revolution.

  • Support Scale

Small (5 million won) / Medium A (10 million won) / Medium B (17 million won)

* A self-pay charge occurs and 30% of each support amount

** Reissued up to once a year, taking into account the budget

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