Contract Comprehension and Comparison

Automatically review and compare content within contracts, highlighting conflict between your standard terms and client-specified items.

About Shipbuilder

This company designs and builds offshore platforms and ships to a custom specification using hundreds of different components from a large vendor list in order to meet specific requests from clients.

The Challenge

Client contracts require review by project and commercial teams to confirm project feasibility. Ensuring contract accuracy and viability is a priority.

Our Solution

42Maru reviews the tender specification contracts searching for key conditions and flagging those that need to be reviewed, then it sends the highlighted part to the correct department to review and input information.

Download Case
Contract Comprehension and Comparison [PDF] [945.7 KB]

Sensitive Conditions

Sensitive conditions are quickly found and dealt with

Sales Cycle

Faster finalized contracts reduce the sales cycle

Standard Specification Comparison
Automatically compare client specification documents with your standard specification to evaluate project feasibility and respond to clients faster.
Automatic Customer Answers
Automatically answer inbound customer questions based on your previous interactions.